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Home in the Heart - Spring Collection 2023

The inspiration for my latest art collection was the love and longing for my hometown of Zell am Harmersbach, which is located in the middle of the Black Forest.

I was born in Karaganda, but moved to Germany with my family when I was two years old. At first we lived in a neighboring village and then moved to Zell when I started school. a. H., where I went to primary and secondary school and spent my childhood and youth until I was 19. Since my studies I have lived in and near Stuttgart.

And the longer I live in the city, the more I miss and feel more and more drawn to the quiet, quiet places of my homeland.

Surrounded by the beautiful central Black Forest, but also the proximity to the Rhine and Alsace, make my Zell a. H. not only a forest but also a sun oasis.

In the Black Forest you can hike for hours, enjoy the fresh air, soak up the sounds of nature, find peace and feel that all is right with the world here. I always say that my homeland is the open, bright Black Forest, which many people don't even have on their radar screens.

In addition, Zell a. H. is a medieval imperial city. You will not only find nature, but also a lot of history, which you can experience thanks to the preserved city walls and towers as well as half-timbered buildings and colorful art nouveau houses. This mixture of history and nature is an absolute pleasure. Zell is a little pearl because the small town is not overrun by tourists and

is a real place of relaxation that we all long for on vacation.

So I wanted to capture and honor both - nature and history from Zell - with my collection.

I still regularly go to the home of my childhood because my family still lives there and I feel that I'm in the right place there.

It is not only a place that I visit, but that my soul knows how to enjoy.

It is said that there are so-called "soul places" for everyone and I'm sure that the Black Forest is mine.

I would therefore like to take you with me to the place of my young heart, which always draws me back and fascinates me anew every time. Let yourself be carried away by the enchanting landscapes and the fairytale architecture and enjoy every moment.

Take a look at the complete collection in detail HERE and secure your favorite work.

Finally, I have put together a photo collection of the inspiring places in Zell am Harmersbach for you, which served as wonderful references for my collection.

And I can assure you that this is not the end of my Black Forest art journey...

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