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A Tulips Study - The Inspiration for the Spring 2022 Collection

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

In her collection "A Tulips Study" the artist deals with pictorial glimmers of hope supplemented by optimism, a touch of naivety and the childlike thirst for adventure that one often feels in spring - colourful, cheerful bouquets of tulips symbolize these thoughts.

Lilli had the idea for a tulip collection since spring 2021, when she presented the first two tulip works as part of her spring 2021 collection "A Colorful Awakening".

This time, however, it was to be a pure tulip collection, as the artist has always been fascinated by the variety of shapes, colors and character of these flowers.

She finally got the impetus for this from the "Brasserie am Markt" in Weilheim (Teck). After she proactively presented her pictures there in September 2021, she was accepted for a spring exhibition. There was no better time and impetus to put her thoughts and wishes into practice.

Since Lilli has been a full-time artist since September 2021, she had enough time to think about a concept, the color scheme and the motif. First, she draws sketches in advance and gathers inspiration from nature and photos.

The colors should definitely be bright and carry the language of spring.

Bouquets are ideal for putting tulips in different scenes and color nuances and infusing them with different vibrancy.

Some are more romantic and colourful, since spring with Valentine's Day and the mating season of animals is considered the season of love and hope, and others are more childish and cheerful, since this season also stands for birth, new beginnings and the awakening of life.

Lilli only wanted to be realistic to some extent, in order to leave the pictures with a touch of innocence, myth and purity - like an uncut diamond.

The pictures should give you the opportunity to let your thoughts wander far away from the stressful everyday life. Whether it's your own dreams or fantasy worlds.

Colors are also a conscious tool that Lilli uses to invite people into different worlds and to appeal to certain emotions.

It is not for nothing that the fairy tale world is often associated with bright colors.

Lilli Kirschmann presents from 27.04. to 26.06.2022 in the gallery in the brasserie.

So don't just take the chance to marvel at her wonderful pictures, but do this on top of that with an excellent breakfast or dinner. The brasserie is not considered one of THE addresses in Weilheim for nothing when it comes to excellent food!

Tulpen Kunstwerke - Kunstkollektion für Frühling 2022 mit Lilli Kirschmann

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