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About Lilli

Portrait of Lilli Kirschmann Art - Artist Lilli with painting Irish Soul Collection

Artist Statement

Traveled and local landscapes, like my homeland the Black Forest, as well as flowers and birds in their colorful variety are the main motifs of my art and reflect what occupies my soul.

Some define my works as "naive" or "childlike", which for me is synonymous with the realization of my dreams, longings, desires and freedom on a canvas.

While we lived out fantasies as children, we all too often forget this feeling as adults, which I have often noticed in personal conversations.

It is therefore all the more important for me not to lose contact with this hopeful child from the past in me.

Therefore, the choice of strong colors is a very important part of my art, as I can connect many beautiful and positive experiences with them.

Vibrant colours give me the opportunity to emphasize this.

View of Freedom with me Lilli Kirschmann Art
Lilli Kirschmann Art setting up her easel

I was born in Kazakhstan (former Soviet Union) in 1988, grew up in the idyllic, beautiful Central Black Forest and went to school there. I completed my studies at the Stuttgart Media University in the field of Print Media Management (Bachelor) and Print & Publishing (Master). After that I worked in Purchasing for almost six years.

Today I live with my husband in tranquil Ostfildern and work part-time in an office and part-time as artist.


Painting was initially a hobby that I have enjoyed since childhood. I was always considered a dreamy kid by my family and loved fantasy worlds in books, movies and cartoons. At the age of 17 I began to collect my first experiences with canvases and acrylic paints. I continued to paint alongside my studies and work until I was an adult.

In connection with my mental health it became clear how much painting defines me as a person and that I would like to turn this passion into a profession. Art is a life's work, to which I want to devote myself fully.

When I'm not painting or devoting myself to my art business, I like to travel with my husband, meet friends, drive to my parents in the Black Forest or read a novel. 

More about me and my art journey:

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