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Here you will find my original artworks  - all hand-painted with love.

Each painting tells a personal story.

Paintings with Lilli Kirschmann Art

Beautify your walls with colorful paintings or make your loved ones happy on special occasions.

Acrylic paints on canvas or watercolors on art paper in various sizes.

With my "Home in the Heart" collection, I would like to show what personal significance my home in Zell in the Black Forest has for me. Immerse yourself in the first part of my Black Forest series - sometimes a little dreamy, sometimes a little romantic and always with a pinch of childlike love. ♥️

Home in the Heart collection by Lilli Kirschmann Art
Irish Soul Collection by Lilli Kirschmann Art

The breathtaking, rugged landscapes in combination with the wild, colorful flowers, rugged cliffs, the murmur of the blue ocean and the heartwarming Irish people inspired me to create this collection.

Breathtaking, high-contrast landscapes as individual pieces that make the heart beat faster and give every room a special atmosphere.

Peaceful Contrasts_40x80cm von Lilli Kirschmann Art
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