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Year of creation: 2023


We all long for a piece of earth where we can relax, breathe deeply, find inner peace of mind and still look for special, enthusiastic and adventurous beauties in nature.

My picture shows this need and satisfies it at the same time.

The shapes and lines of the mountains/hills are uniform and clear, while the field of flowers creates a wild, jumbled contrast.

The sky and the gentle river form a haven of calm between these two picture elements.

The complementary colors yellow and violet enhance the beauty of the shapes and lines and are playfully emphasized in the wildflowers.

The yellow, enhanced by the setting sun, emphasizes the hard, dark purple grooves of the mountains, but has a calming effect in the river with delicate shimmers.


Although colors and shapes are rich in contrast, they have a calming, harmonious, peaceful and relaxing effect on the observer, while the playfulness of the sea of ​​flowers immediately draws the eye and can arouse positive feelings and a sense of adventure.

The image is inspired by the landscape of southwest Ireland, where rivers or lakes often meet mountains or hills and thus shape the landscape in an exciting way.

Colorful flowers in yellow, purple and pink are often found there in wild form.

Peaceful Contrasts | 40x80 cm

  • Material:

    - various, strong acrylic colors

    - high-quality, stable, stretched canvas, 40x80x1.8 cm


    Colors and protection:

    - The image has been sealed with a matt protective varnish to protect against UV and other influences.

    - Please note that color representation is different on each monitor, so the color of the original image may vary from your screen.



    - Signed front and back

    - with certificate of authenticity

    - no frame, because I want to give you creative freedom here

    - carefully and safely packaged

    - including a personal message

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