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Romantic Splendor 2022


Spring is the time of love - it's not for nothing that we celebrate Valentine's Day in February. The anticipation of the first warm rays of sunshine not only awakens the desire for romance in us humans, this season is also the usual mating season for animals. Bees happily suck on the flower nectar and spread their pollen - everything comes to life.

The pink flowers and the soft turquoise background both stand for the romantic bouquets of flowers, that lovers give each other every year.

But this bouquet of tulips has the advantage that it never withers.

Romantic Splendor | 80 x 60 cm

  • Material:
    - Different vibrant acrylic paints
    - High-quality, stable, stretched canvas, 80x60x1.8 cm

    Colors and protection:
    - The picture has been sealed with a matt protective varnish to protect against UV and other influences.
    - Please note that the display of colors on each monitor is different, therefore the color of the original image may differ from your screen.



    - CAUTION: Due to its size, this picture will be sent in a tube/roll, otherwise it would be bulky goods or some of it would not even get through customs
    - Signed front and back
    - with certificate of authenticity
    - no frame, because I want to give you creative freedom here
    - carefully and safely packed
    - including a personal message

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