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A Tulip Study Collection | Available

In this collection, the artist deals with pictorial glimmers of hope supplemented by optimism, romance, a touch of naivety and the childlike thirst for adventure that one often feels in spring - colourful, cheerful bouquets of tulips symbolize these thoughts.


The season of bright colors and scents.

The awakening of new life and the anticipation of warmth and light. With this collection I want to celebrate and honor spring.

Spring Collection 2021_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg

Celebration Collection | Not available

I want to express the celebration of change, a new beginning and hope. Just before the bud blooms, we all feel a sense of anticipation and look forward to its beauty.


Not every painting belongs to a collection but still tells its own story. 

Magnolien Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg
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