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Old but Gold

Tuscan vibes, 2019

Acrylics on canvas

Tuscany Vibes_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg

Unassuming Beauty

Acrylics on canvas, 50x60 cm
for my parents' dining room

Unknown Beauty_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg

Strawberry, 2006

Acrylics on canvas, 20x20 cm

Strawberry, Acrylics on canvas, 20x20cm


Acrylics on canvas, 40x40 cm

Sunset, Acrylics on canvas, 40x40cm

Mediterranean Vibes

Acrylic on canvas,
comissioned work

Mediterranean Vibes_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg

Siberian Husky, 2007

Acrylics on art paper, 
work at art school

Husky_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg

Morning Coffee, 2014

Acrylic on canvas, 40x140cm
commissioned work

Morning Coffee_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg

Sunflower, 2006

Acrylics on canvas, 20x20 cm

Sunflower, Acrylics on canvas, 20x20cm

Plums in a Basket, 2007

Acrylics on canvas, 20x20 cm

Plums in basket, Acrylics on canvas, 20x20cm

Baby in Flower by Anne Geddes

Acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm

Baby with flower_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg


Acrylic on canvas,

commissioned work

Growth_Lilli Kirschmann Art.jpg
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