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"New Celebration" 2021

This artwork is part of the "Celebration" collection.
I want to express the celebration of change, new beginnings and hope. This picture is called "new" because I want to use it to show the happiness and excitement of expectant parents just before birth - like a bud about to blossom. Pastel tones are always associated with babies, toddlers and children's rooms. They reflect innocence and new life. We all love to celebrate the miracle of new life.

New Celebration | 50 x 40 cm

€273.50 Regular Price
€136.75Sale Price
  • Material:
    - Different vibrant acrylic paints
    - High-quality, stable, stretched canvas, 50x40x2.5 cm
    - The stretcher frame is made of wood - it can therefore warp


    Colors and protection:
    - The picture has been sealed with a matt protective varnish to protect against UV and other influences.
    - Please note that the display of colors on each monitor is different, therefore the color of the original image may differ from your screen.


    - Signed front and back
    - with certificate of authenticity
    - no frame, because I want to give you creative freedom here
    - carefully and safely packed
    - including a personal message

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