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Year of creation: 2024


Close your eyes.

Can you hear the waves hitting the shore?

Can you feel the sun's rays on your skin?

Can you taste the salt in the air in your mouth?

“Let your heart be free and your soul will fly”


Do you feel or have you felt that too?

The burden of being an adult.

To be responsible.

Pay bills.

Do you just plan your life and get driven?

Maybe you even gave up on dreams because one day the reality of growing up hit you hard.

I think we've all been there.

Me too.


However, when I see things through my nephew's eyes, he often makes me realize how beautiful and innocent a child's view of life is.

How much lightness there is in her pure heart and that only “reality” and adult life have somehow kept us from it.

Of course, it's okay that we no longer think and act the same way, but we can keep this perspective in our hearts and try to see life in a more innocent way.

Many older people seem to be regaining this innocent perspective and some seem more relaxed and in tune with their lives.

The experience seems to give us back what we have lost, but don't wait until you get old.

Be the person who is just as excited as children and laughs, watches, learns, plays and does what your heart longs for.

Be free in your heart and fly.

Flying Dreams | 40x40 cm

  • Material:

    - various, strong acrylic colors

    - high-quality, stable, stretched wooden canvas

    - Size: 40 x 40 x 3.5 cm / 15.7 x 15.7 x 1.4 inch


    Colors and protection:

    - The image has been sealed with a matt protective varnish to protect against UV and other influences.

    - Please note that color representation is different on each monitor, so the color of the original image may vary from your screen.



    - Signed front and back

    - with 1 toothed hanger installed, ready to hang

    - with certificate of authenticity

    - no frame

    - carefully and safely packaged

    - including a personal message

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